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ONG-ISAC Accenture Webinar – Cyber Digital Twins

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July 30, 2020 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Accenture Webinar - Cyber Digital Twins

Title: Cyber Digital Twins - Using AI to Predict Where Attackers Will Hit


The Cyber Digital Twin is configured to ingest different security contexts into a knowledge graph, analyzed with AI.  At the macro level, it provides an understanding of risk to business processes, or known business critical devices, defined as crown jewels such as critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, or cardinal servers in an ERP environment.

At the micro level, the cyber digital twin provides an understanding of the specific vulnerabilities and configurations that can be exploited by an adversary, automate the creation of simulated MITRE tactics, or model and replicate in scale a unique red team study for Advanced Application Security simulation.

One example for usage is based on adversarial lateral movement, tuned towards detecting choke points of potential breaches from any source to any targeted crown jewels, at scale. Another case will be to optimize security controls existing and future investment. In this talk we will be introducing the cyber digital twins, discussing the elements of creating a graph-based contextual twins and analytics, and demonstrating some use cases applicability.