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ONG-ISAC Biweekly Analyst Threat Call (Members Only)

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November 3, 2021 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Biweekly Analyst Threat Call (Members Only)

Title: Building a Proactive OT Incident Response Plan

Abstract: The increasing frequency and sophistication of successful OT cyber-attacks should serve as a wake-up call to IT and OT security teams that the smallest hole in your defenses can serve as an attack path for adversaries. Given the cyber-physical consequences of OT systems, your IR plans and responders must be mindful of these consequences to prevent further impact and help assure that attacker actions against controls have been identified and eradicated to provide confidence in safely returning to normal operations. We will be discussing the critical components your organization should embrace in order to realize the benefits of running a proactive OT IR program.

Bryan Singer AccentureSpeaker: Bryan Singer, Principal Director, Accenture

Bio: Bryan has extensive background in a variety of industries including manufacturing, DoD, healthcare, and others. His proven professional skills include system architecture and design, software project management, application development, system administration, network administration, database design and administration, and multi-tier support. Bryan was a previous Chairman, ISA-62443/ISA-99 Industrial Control Systems Security Standards body, an interim Governing Board, Process Control Security Forum, and an industry representative for security architecture concerns to almost every major manufacturing, utilities, and other critical infrastructure.