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ONG-ISAC Exec Forum

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March 27, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Exec Forum

ONG-ISAC executive-level peer discussion on the following “Guided Topics:”

  1. What principles and guidelines are you using to balance or create new governance or policies for the new operating environment?
  2. What threats are you observing or are concerned about?
  3. What risk impacts or probabilities are being added/increased or removed/decreased to the Enterprise Risk framework? What considerations are receiving more attention?
  4. How is your CMT structuring and including Cyber risks? Any tips for those who may be considered Auxiliary to ensure the risks continue to be considered by the CMT?
  5. How is your company balancing rumor control with real world developments? A perfect example is the “National Guard will enforce Shelter In Place” and “essential personnel must be exempted via special language in a letter,” and how those two lead to more rumor challenges.
  6. What issues surprised you that we should consider as they would also surprise most in our position?