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ONG-ISAC ONG-ISAC and Semperis Webinar

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July 11, 2024 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

ONG-ISAC and Semperis Webinar

Title: Recovering Active Directory: The Missing Piece in Your Operational Resilience Plan

CPE Credit: 1 hour


Cyberattacks are the new disaster, occurring more frequently and inflicting more damage than tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. The identity infrastructure—typically Active Directory (AD) on premises and Entra ID or Okta in the cloud—is a prime target of such attacks. When AD down, nearly every system is impacted. And once attackers gain access to AD, it can be nearly impossible to determine which resources they’ve hijacked or what malware or ransomware they’ve deployed.

Identity threat detection and response (ITDR) is now a priority for Oil and Gas entities that prize operational resilience. But with 90% of organizations globally using AD as their core identity system, any ITDR or cybersecurity strategy that fails to include an AD-specific recovery plan puts your operations at risk.

In this session, Sean Deuby, Semperis Principal Technologist, North America, will discuss why AD recovery is key to cyber incident response and what IT management and security professionals should consider when building a comprehensive recovery plan. You’ll learn:

  • How ITDR supports operational resilience for oil and natural gas companies
  • How AD recovery fits into a robust ITDR strategy
  • Why focusing on AD recovery is more important than ever
  • The cyberattack scenarios your AD recovery plan must address
  • Points to consider when developing an AD recovery plan

Speaker: Sean Deuby, Principal Technologist, Semperis


Sean Deuby brings more than 30 years’ experience in enterprise IT and hybrid identity security to his role as Semperis' Principal Technologist, North America. An original architect and technical leader of Intel's Active Directory and a 15-time MVP alumnus, Sean has been involved with Microsoft identity technology since its inception. His experience as an identity strategy consultant for many Fortune 500 companies and an industry journalism veteran give him a broad perspective on the challenges of today's identity-centered security.