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ONG-ISAC ONG-ISAC & Booz Allen Hamilton Webinar

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September 27, 2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am

ONG-ISAC & Booz Allen Hamilton Webinar

Title: Critical Cybersecurity Benchmarking for the Oil and Gas Industry

CPE: 1 hour


Booz Allen has established a partnership with Thoughtlabs, a leader in evidence-based cybersecurity research, for the second year in a row. This gives us access to exclusive benchmarking data from 800 companies in 15 industries across 7 countries in matters of their relative controls maturity, spending and staffing, operational metrics, and qualitative factors. All respondents in the study had full or partial responsibility for cybersecurity in their organizations and were from a range of C-Suite executives. The companies spanned across a range of revenue sizes. The data can be analyzed to meet the unique needs of any organization regardless of country, and revenue size. We actively use this data to accelerate risk assessments, align strategies to industrywide trends and forecasts, and help establish metrics and data for continuous improvement.

The study found that the changing and complex cybersecurity risk landscape leads to uncertainty about the types of attacks or incidents that could affect a company’s digital transformation space. Many companies found that their budgets, staffing, and cybersecurity initiatives are not sufficient to adequately protect against the growth of these risks. With the rise of remote work and the adoption of cloud technologies, the study posed the central question: How can organizations drive the best cybersecurity performance in an era of escalating digital risks?

Join Booz Allen for an overview of benchmarking refresh insights. The presentation will provide:

  • Insight into the top cybersecurity risks organizations are facing
  • Data regarding the top priorities and challenges current CISOs face
  • Benchmarking levels across controls maturity, spend, and operational performance
  • Investments and approaches that cybersecurity leaders ranked as yielding desirable outcomes
  • Future steps to take to maximize the cybersecurity performance of an organization

Speaker:  Luke Simonetti, Vice President- Commercial Cyber Strategy Solutions, Booz Allen Hamilton


Luke Simonetti has over 17 years of experience in cyber security and leads the Booz Allen Commercial Cyber Strategy Solutions Group team and portfolio of capabilities and services. Luke and his team help clients to understand, envision, and achieve their current and future Cybersecurity goals. His portfolio works with top clients across industries to help them address the top Cybersecurity issues they face while achieving the business goals the organization desires using an outcome-driven, risk-based approach.

Luke is a seasoned professional with a variety of technical and executive-level leadership positions in both the Federal and Commercial markets. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Luke was responsible for the Global Security and Risk Management Consulting Practice at Gartner. He has served as an Executive Team advisor, Team leader, and experienced information Security subject matter expert, with deep levels of hands-on experience in network security, application security, information protection, business/IT integration, security operations and monitoring, process improvement, risk management, and board of directors/senior executive communications.

Luke holds a BS in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State University and maintains several industry certifications. Including, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).