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ONG-ISAC ONG-ISAC & Claroty Webinar

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July 25, 2024 10:00 am - 11:00 am

ONG-ISAC & Claroty Webinar

Title: Leveraging Exposure Management To Reduce Cyber Risk


While many oil and gas organizations have existing vulnerability and risk management solutions, current workflows fall short of addressing all exposures present in their cyber-physical systems (CPS). Taking a vulnerability-focused view alone doesn’t help oil and gas organizations focus on what matters most—true exposures that put safety and availability at risk.

In this webinar, Gary Kneeland will offer insights on how to transition from preventative-only vulnerability management and expand to a more proactive exposure management strategy to mitigate risks within your CPS environment. Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Understanding the evolution from vulnerability management to exposure management
  • How to identify and assess exposures beyond traditional vulnerabilities
  • How to prioritize risk remediation efforts that have the biggest business impact

Speaker: Gary Kneeland, Senior Product Manager, Claroty

Speaker Bio:

Gary Kneeland is a Senior Product Manager at Claroty, a leader in industrial cybersecurity, where he has worked for over 6 years. Prior to joining Claroty, Gary spent over 10 years in the OT security space, as a consultant in the Critical Infrastructure Security Practice at Schneider Electric and as a system engineer at the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant in Washington state, where he worked to identify, assess, and remediate the OT security issues within the plant environment.