Past Events

ONG-ISAC & Microsoft Webinar

Agenda: Introduction Understanding the importance of cybersecurity awareness. Education’s role in preventing cyber threats Understanding Cybersecurity Threats Impact of cyber incidents on individuals and organizations. Common human attack vectors The Role of Employees Who plays a role in Cybersecurity? Creating a Culture of Security Fostering a security-conscious mindset and culture. Provide ongoing training and resources. […]

ONG-ISAC & MITRE Briefing in Outlook

Dr. Christina Liaghati, AI Department Manager and MITRE ATLAS Lead discussed the latest ATLAS community efforts focused on capturing cross-community data on real-world AI incidents, growing understanding of vulnerabilities that can arise when using open-source models or data, building new open-source tools for threat emulation and AI red teaming, and developing mitigations to defend against AI security threats.

ONG-ISAC & Booz Allen Hamilton Webinar

Booz Allen’s Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) experts discussed how organizations can actively secure their critical infrastructure through quantum-resistant solutions

ONG-ISAC & 1898 & Co. Webinar

1898 & Co discussed how companies can build, staff, and train teams to execute its mission, harden and increase resiliency in their environments, with the personnel it already has.