Past Events

ONG-ISAC and Accenture Webinar: Chinese & Iranian Threats to Energy

Title: Chinese & Iranian Threats to Energy Abstract: As China released its 14th Five Year Economic Development Strategy in March 2021, the country has established new targets for increasing energy efficiency, reducing the share of fossil fuels in energy consumption and carbon emissions, and ensuring energy security by promoting self-sufficiency. However, these energy-related goals may […]

ONG-ISAC Booz Allen Hamilton – Kaizen Capture the Flag

ONG-ISAC | Booz Allen Virtual CTF Exercises Jeopardy Scenario (Beginner-Intermediate) – June 8, 2021 The ONG-ISAC partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to offer members two virtual Jeopardy style Capture-the-Flag (CTF) exercises – a beginner-intermediate scenario and an intermediate-advanced scenario that can be played as a complementary series or attended as standalone events. The half-day (4 […]

ONG-ISAC & Waterfall Security Webinar

Title: “Targeted Ransomware vs. Operations” Abstract: Targeted ransomware has emerged as a major threat to industrial operations / OT systems. The Colonial Pipeline shutdown is only the latest incident – in 2020, 53 industrial sites were shut down by targeted ransomware. The trend is likely to worsen – today’s targeted attacks use tools and techniques comparable […]