ONG-ISAC SKILL BUILDER SERIES – “Briefing Intelligence”

May 7, 2020 | Webinar

ONG-ISAC SKILL BUILDER SERIES – “Briefing Intelligence”

Speaker: Anna Seitz, Threat Intelligence Content Manager, Dragos


Threat intelligence provides actionable information for decision makers and allows defenders to implement measures of defense. By understanding how to brief appropriate intelligence content to an appropriate audience, intelligence can be digested and disseminated in the most effective way possible.

This presentation touches on what intelligence is, how to understand different audiences, basic rules of intelligence briefing, and general briefing tips to be an effective speaker in an intelligence environment.

Speaker Bio:

Anna works as the Threat Intelligence Content Manager on the Dragos Threat Intelligence Team. Anna edits and publishes WorldView products, writes blogs, and works on process alignment to ensure cross-team collaboration is successful. She is a highly trained storyteller with a passion for improving decision making, and has held editorial and public affairs positions at, NASA Johnson Space Center Office of Public Affairs, and the Chevron Cyber Intelligence Center. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at Shippensburg University and her Master of Jurisprudence in Risk Management at Texas A&M University. Anna strives to make the world a better, safer, and more grammatically correct place.