ONG-ISAC Analyst Forum

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, more than 75 ONG-ISAC members attended an Analyst Forum sponsored by IronNet Cybersecurity and co-hosted in Houston, TX and Oklahoma City, OK.

The event featured keynote presentation “APT10 –  The FBI’s Investigation into the Chinese Hacking Group’s Attack on Managed Service Providers,” by FBI Special Agent David Giammittorio. The FBI monitors and tracks several Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Combating these threats is vital to protecting our country from cyber attacks.

The FBI’s investigation into APT10’s attack on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) led to the identification of two individuals behind the attack. On December 20, 2018, the FBI indicted these individuals for their alleged crimes.

The ONG-ISAC Analyst Forum included an additional presentation “Cyber Insecurity – Global Cyber Threats and the Need for Collective Defense,” by Jamil Jaffer, IronNet Cybersecurity Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for peer to peer networking and collaboration.