ONG-ISAC & Cloud Range Webinar

Title: Cloud Range: Cyber Range Training to Minimize the Likelihood of an Attack


Subject matter experts from Cloud Range shared how organizations are decreasing the likelihood of a cyber attack by using cyber range simulation training to prepare cyber defenders for a multitude of possible scenarios on both data and critical infrastructure. Objectives for the briefing included showing how a cyber range can help:

  • Improve readiness and resilience
  • Translate threat intelligence into actionable and visual exercises to minimize the likelihood of a devastating attack
  • Ensure security teams understand attack vectors in the complex IT/OT threat landscape
  • Inform IT/OT convergence
  • Ensure IT/OT security teams speak the same language

Also, attendees observed a live cyber attack within the virtual cyber range and have an opportunity to ask questions.

About the Speakers:

Presenter: Debbie Gordon

As founder and CEO of Cloud Range, Debbie Gordon is a globally recognized entrepreneur leading a new category in cybersecurity. Cloud Range was founded on the premise of closing the cybersecurity skills gap by giving security teams real-life experience and practice defending against live cyber-attacks in a protected customized dynamic environment. Debbie began her career 25+ years ago in the technical education/certification space and has since built and sold several companies in eCommerce, IT asset management, and training.


Presenter: Marcus Linder

Marcus Linder is Senior Attackmaster at Cloud Range. He has over five years of incident response and cyber range development experience. Marcus has led multiple cybersecurity engineering teams to develop and implement fully independent incident response training cycles. He is a United States Navy veteran.