ONG-ISAC & CyberGRX Event

Co-hosted on April 27, 2021, the CyberGRX event addressed how third-party cyber risk has become one of the most widely discussed topics among IT leaders today. Over 63% of cyber breaches stem from third parties including some of the largest and most destructive recent attacks that have saturated the news. This risk grows larger year after year and has become unsustainable for many organizations. Organizations in the oil and natural gas sector experience additional unique challenges in this area related to upstream and downstream control systems and digital transformation.

In this presentation CyberGRX reviewed the current state of this risk environment and discuss use cases for how leading energy companies have modernized and scaled their third-party cyber risk management programs. Participants gained a better understanding of how they can gain control over the unsustainable risk posed by third parties and move forward in your business with confidence.

Speaker: Terry Smith, Director of Strategic Accounts, CyberGRX

Speaker Bio: A native Texan living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Terry has been serving in the cybersecurity and third-party cyber risk management space for over 24 years. Having served with companies like McAfee, VeriSign, IBM, RSA and CyberGRX, he has gained many unique insights into the cybersecurity industry. He passionately delivers high value and trusted consultation to his clients by connecting their business objectives to the best solution to help ensure the best outcomes.