ONG-ISAC & EPAM Webinar: Living Off the Land Attacks

Topic: Living Off the Land Attacks – What they are and how to remain resilient

Description:  Overview of Living Off the Land attacks, why attackers use them, some industry work in this area, examples, and how to mitigate against this threat.


Aviv Srour
Head of Cyber Innovation | EPAM


  • More than a decade of Cyber Security experience.
  • Specializes in defensive security and incident Response.
  • Handled hundreds of security incidents, starting with the Israeli Air Force where he led the CIRT team.
  • Through hands-on experience with complex security incidents, Aviv has developed a unique view of what is needed from IR readiness processes and proactive threat hunting to reduce mean time to detection.
  • Former army captain.

Hai Vaknin
Principal Security Researcher | EPAM

  • More than a decade of Cyber Security experience.
  • Active contributor to the LOLBAS (Living Off The Land Binaries And Scripts) community.
  • Collaborator on multiple security projects, enhancing threat detection and mitigation.
  • A thought leader in identifying and mitigating unique vulnerabilities inherent to cloud and on-premises systems.