ONG-ISAC & Fortinet Webinar

Title: Protecting Oil and Gas Critical Infrastructure with Deception by Design

Abstract:  As Digital Transformation initiatives diminish the use of air gaps, industrial networks are more integrated with IT or corporate networks opening the door for bad actors to move laterally from IT into operational technology (OT). This expanding attack surface reinforces the need to act before a breach disrupts production. Deploying a deception capability that can run relevant lures and decoys spanning across IT and OT environments can distract the malicious actors as they move about in these environments. Deception can address two key challenges for industrial organizations. The first challenge is “too many” false positives presented in other anomaly detection offerings.  The second challenge is the difficulty deploying other security controls and enhancements in sensitive OT environments. During this webinar, we addressed the pros and cons of deploying deception in OT and provide an approach that can yield low false positives. From this session, you will hear uses cases for deception and understand the:

  • Approach to deception fitting for industrial environments
  • Advantages of deception versus other anomaly detection products
  • Value of deception spanning across IT and OT environments

Speaker: Moshe Ben Simon, Vice President of Product Management, Fortinet


A seasoned entrepreneur and business executive with over two decades of experience and expertise in IT security, Moshe has consistently established and led global technology management, product development, and sales teams, with a focus on start-ups and scaled organizational growth. During his career, Moshe honed his fundraising and networking skills, building successful partnerships with hundreds of customers worldwide to drive sales. In his role at Fortinet, he leverages his decade-long experience in the Deception market, where he is responsible for product strategy, defining its functional requirements, and managing feature releases for the company’s market-winning ATP and FortiDeceptor product suites.