ONG-ISAC & Palo Alto Networks Capture the Flag Exercise

Palo Alto Networks and ONG-ISAC hosted a successful Capture the Flag event.

The mission was to be the first in this race across the virtual globe to find mission critical alerts that threaten your organization and annihilate them with automation and daring-do threat investigation skills.

OBJECTIVES: Trek around the world in 60 minutes with this  fun and interactive Incident Investigation and Response “Capture the Flag” using Cortex XSOAR. On this mission, you’ll:

  • Race opponents to find mission critical security incidents and capture territories
  • Identify malicious actors and leverage automation to stop them in their tracks
  • Level up on your incident response automation skills

Security analysts of all experience levels will be given the tools they need to shut down threats and compete for glory.  Security operations staff, incident responders and threat analysts are invited to play and gain experience with Cortex XSOAR.

Palo Alto Networks Capture the Flag for Charity Event on made a big impact. This year, the event was set up so that a charitable donation to No Kid Hungry was made for every flag each of the players captured. Plus, the 1st place winner received an Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer!  Our participants helped raise over $3,000.00! We hope to make this an annual event with even greater participation.