ONG-ISAC & Randori Event | RDP: Red Flag or Red Herring?

ONG-ISAC & Randori Event

CPE Credit: 1 hour

Speaker: BJ Swope, Targeting Team Operator at Randori


Ransomware has become the #1 cyber risk for businesses, costing companies an estimated $20B in 2021.

It’s estimated that a majority of those attacks share one thing in common – they all start with RDP. Join BJ Swope, Specialist, Randori Hacker Operations Center for an in-depth look at RDP and how this obscure protocol favored by IT administrators becomes the #1 target for ransomware attackers.

Attendees learned what makes RDP attractive to attackers, what makes it different from traditional software vulnerabilities, and what steps Randori recommends organizations take to reduce their risk.