ONG-ISAC & Randori Webinar

Title: Workshop: How to Prioritize Vulnerabilities like an Attacker


Traditional Vulnerability Management (VM) approaches have served the security industry well, providing a proven way for security teams to improve hygiene and ensure a base level of protection against known software vulnerabilities. However, while only 5% of all vulnerabilities are ever exploited in the wild, VM programs cannot determine which 5% will.

Evan Anderson, Chief Offensive Strategist at Randori, delivered an exciting workshop that dove into the fast-paced world of offensive security. This workshop will get you behind the scenes inside the Randori Hacker Operation Center to understand how you can apply their methodology to uplevel your vulnerability program and prioritize risk based on the likelihood of attack.

Presenter: Evan Anderson, Chief Offensive Strategist, Randori

Speaker Bio:

Evan Anderson is the Chief Offensive Strategist Randori, an IBM company. He has over 15 years of experience in red teaming, vulnerability research and exploit development and is a long-time member of the NCCDC Red Team. Prior to co-founding Randori, he worked at Kyrus Technologies supporting commercial and federal projects.