ONG-ISAC & Security Scorecard Webinar

Title: Building a Strong Defense: Red Team Insights for Cybersecurity


The prevalence of zero-day attacks, such as the notorious log4j and recent MOVEit vulnerabilities, continues to rise, posing a significant challenge to organizations’ security efforts. Ensuring teams can detect, respond to, and recover from a security incident before a malicious actor breaches your network is crucial.

SecurityScorecard’s David Mound, Senior Penetration Tester, and Segev Eliezer, Penetration Tester, presented a deep dive into how Red Teaming can help organizations more proactively assess security defenses (or lack thereof) and improve incident response.

In this webinar, attendees learned about:

  • How assumed breaches are conducted
  • How to help your organization prepare for a Red Team
  • How a Red Team can access your internal network, escalate privileges, evade defenses, and exploit web applications


David Mound – Senior Penetration Tester & Adversarial Engineer

Segev Eliezer – Senior Penetration Tester & Adversarial Engineer

Speaker Bios:

David Mound is an Experienced Cyber Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer & Network Security industry along with threat intelligence. Mr. Mound is skilled in Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, Agile Methodologies, Computer Forensics, Red Teaming, and Threat Intelligence.

Segev Eliezer is globally ranked in top .1% of all hackers on TryHackMe and HackTheBox. His focus is on webapp, cloud, internal, external, Wi-Fi, and red team security assessments. Mr Eliezer holds the following certifications; Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP), Certified Red Team Expert (CRTE), Certified Hybrid Multi-Cloud Red Team Specialist (CHMRTS), and numerous others. In addition, he has 15 years of competitive chess experience.