ONG-ISAC & SecurityScorecard Webinar

Title: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Supply Chain Cyber Attacks: Insights, Trends, and AI-Driven Defense Strategies

Abstract: This presentation discussed the latest methodologies utilized by malicious actors in orchestrating supply chain cybersecurity attacks. Examining the recent 3CX attack and other high-profile incidents, we identify common themes and potential future scenarios. We explore the criteria attackers consider when selecting targets and provide guidance on minimizing exposure and risk in the event of third-party breaches. Acknowledging the inevitability of these attacks and the persistent gap between attackers and the industry, we discussed the growing role of AI platforms in both offensive and defensive capacities. By understanding and leveraging AI-driven strategies, organizations can bolster their cybersecurity posture and better navigate the complex and evolving landscape of supply chain attacks.

Speaker: Alexander Heid, Fellow & VP of Threat Research at SecurityScorecard

Bio: Alexander Heid serves as Fellow & VP of Threat Research at SecurityScorecard. Heid joined the company in June 2014 and has been instrumental in developing the company’s threat reconnaissance capabilities. Prior to joining the company, Heid co-founded the HackMiami organization and held senior security roles within the financial industry. Heid was senior analyst at Prolexic Technologies during the “Operation Ababil” DDoS campaigns.