ONG-ISAC & SecurityScorecard Webinar

Speaker: Alex Rich, Vice President of Marketplace Business Development at SecurityScorecard

Title: Continuously Monitor and Defend the Supply Chain and External Perimeter with SecurityScorecard Cyber Ratings.


The build vs. buy decision has been made; when an organization requires a new capability, they don’t develop it internally, they leverage the services of a third party. The average company relies on hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers and vendors to run its business, however, the benefits of outsourcing come at a cost; the overwhelming majority of today’s breaches are byproducts of attacks on the supply chain.

When modern day attackers decide they want to compromise a business, they typically target the business’s supply chain, and use the privileged access afforded to suppliers and vendors to infiltrate the business. As such, to ensure environments are secure from cyber threats, organizations must continuously monitor and manage their own cyber security posture, as well as the cyber security posture of the vendors and suppliers that they rely on to operate.

In an effort to support ONG-ISAC Members in protecting their organizations from cyber threats, ONG-ISAC, in partnership with SecurityScorecard, is excited to offer all ONG-ISAC Members a Complimentary SecurityScorecard Enterprise Starter License; the license in question gives Members the ability to continuously monitor their own organization and up to five third parties (Vendors, Suppliers, Peers, Competitors).

Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn more about the Complimentary License being made available to all ONG-ISAC Members, and how the SecurityScorecard platform:

● Delivers cyber ratings through its continuous monitoring solution

● Can be used to continuously monitor + manage your organization’s cybersecurity posture

● Can be used to continuously monitor + manage the cybersecurity posture of your third party ecosystem, and drive improvements in your third-party risk management program


Alex Rich is the Vice President of Marketplace Business Development at SecurityScorecard.

He has been with the organization for three years, and previously held roles in Customer Success (Director of Customer Success – Responsible for Enterprise and Strategic Accounts) and Inside Sales (Director of Inside Sales – Led NY based Inside Sales Team).

Prior to SecurityScorecard, Alex was a Senior Customer Success Manager at Sisense, where he was responsible for OEM and Strategic Accounts. Alex began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst in CitiGroup’s Healthcare division, was a co-founder of a NY-based startup (Atmospheir) and also served as a Strategic Program Manager at Booker Software. Alex graduated with high-distinction from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business (Finance and Accounting Major) and was born and raised in New York City.