ONG-ISAC Tech Talk

Title: “Cybersecurity Software Solution Implementation in a Real-World Operational Technology (OT) Network Environment”


Chevron has been on a cybersecurity maturity journey over the last several years with a specific focus on securing our process control network (PCN)/operational technology (OT) networks. As part of a digital transformation, Chevron has worked to move away from manual inventory collection in OT networks to automated software solutions that can provide other benefits as well. Notably, anomaly detection and network traffic monitoring have been key use cases for implementing our chosen software solution, in addition to the desire to have an automated standardized inventory collection solution.

There have been many difficulties during this implementation, including software vendor selection and deploying software deep within operational networks with low bandwidth capabilities or inadequate network infrastructure. People have also been an important part of this journey as both champions and points of resistance (though often with constructive criticism), and engagements between IT and OT personnel have increased and helped build relationships and break down barriers.

In this presentation, it was demonstrated how their methodology for testing, selecting and deploying a security solution within Chevron’s operational technology networks and discussed some of the benefits and pitfalls, as well as their experience in overcoming many of the challenges.

Use Cases:

  • Companies/Organizations looking to deploy security software solutions in their OT networks for the first time
  • Companies/Organizations looking to mature their capabilities and expand their cybersecurity footprint in OT networks
  • Shared experience and developed best practices to be shared with the industry community
  • Guidance on the real-world application of vendor security software solutions how to cut through the marketing
  • IT/OT boundary crossing and cross-collaboration to achieve desired results

Speaker: Erik Griebling, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Chevron Cyber Intelligence Center

Bio: Eric has been working at Chevron to implement an OT cybersecurity solution since 2017. Last year, he joined Chevron as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst. Erik has a Ph.D. in Intelligence History with a focus on wartime HUMINT intelligence operations by the US Office of Strategic Services in the Mediterranean Theater during World War II.