ONG-ISAC Webinar “Dragos 2020 Year in Review”

Held on March 17, 2021 the Dragos’s annual ICS Year in Review provided an overview and analysis of ICS vulnerabilities, global threat activity targeting industrial environments, and industry trends and observations gathered from customer engagements worldwide. Drago’s goal is to give asset owners and operators proactive, actionable information and defensive recommendations in order to prepare for and combat the world’s most significant industrial cybersecurity adversaries. This presentation reviewed the most important findings to complement the full report, which can be downloaded here:


Dragos Speaker:

Casey Brooks, Senior Adversary Hunter

Casey is an experienced cybersecurity professional with a background and training supporting enterprise-scale cybersecurity operations utilizing cyber threat intelligence analytics and technical operations. Prior to joining Dragos in May 2019, Casey was a senior cyber threat intelligence analyst at Capgemini. Casey also previously held a position as a cryptologic network warfare specialist and cyber operations specialist at the U.S. Army’s Cyber Command division.