Past Events

ONG-ISAC Virtual Exec Forum

Exec Forums are hosted for ONG-ISAC Industry Member executives. This talk covered threats and adversaries specific to the oil and natural gas industry. 

ONG-ISAC Accenture Webinar

This talk introduced the cyber digital twins, discussed the elements of creating a graph-based contextual twins and analytics, and demonstrated some use cases applicability.

ONG-ISAC Table Top Exercise

A virtual tabletop exercise was conducted with ONG-ISAC personnel and participants from five industry member companies.


With real world vulnerabilities, we will show how cyber-attacks can be carried out against ICS hardware and infrastructure. We’ll look at how a mobile drilling platform could be compromised, to the ease

ONG-ISAC & IronNet Webinar

GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander shared his vision for Collective Defense and how organizations in the Oil & Gas sector can work together in real-timeto counter cyber operations.