Past Events

ONG-ISAC and Randori: Navigating the Present Day Cyber Conflict

ONG-ISAC and Randori: Navigating the Present Day Cyber Conflict Rear Admiral Dan MacDonnell (Ret.) and Randori Co-Founder & CTO David Wolpoff guided security leaders through the steps to take to withstand the current cyber conflict during this fireside chat. They talked through how to have a productive conversation with your leadership to move their security […]

SecurityScorecard: Log4jshell Observations

Title: Observations on log4shell awareness Abstract: Log4shell detection and mitigation (and disruptions and breaches when not addressed) will continue for several years if Apache Struts vulnerabilities are any indicator of our collective ability to patch and remediate. What can we do now to detect and mitigate this risk using automation and event-based assessments of third party […]


The ONG-ISAC hosted a MITRE briefing on Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Examples and Strategies, featuring Dr. Craig J. Wiener (Technical Fellow) and Christopher L. Sledjeski, (Sr. Intelligence Analyst).


This talk described the four case studies identified by INKY. Plus, discussed tactics, techniques, tools, and origins of these potentially destructive campaigns and discuss threat intelligence response tactics and strategy.