Past Events

ONG-ISAC & Palo Alto Networks Capture the Flag Exercise

Palo Alto Networks and ONG-ISAC hosted a successful Capture the Flag event. The mission was to be the first in this race across the virtual globe to find mission critical alerts that threaten your organization and annihilate them with automation and daring-do threat investigation skills. OBJECTIVES: Trek around the world in 60 minutes with this  fun […]

ONG-ISAC & SecurityScorecard Webinar

The build vs. buy decision has been made; when an organization requires a new capability, they don’t develop it internally, they leverage the services of a third party. The average company relies on hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers and vendors to run its business, however, the benefits of outsourcing come at a cost; the overwhelming majority of today’s breaches are byproducts of attacks on the supply chain.

API Conference 2021

ONG-ISAC Secretary John Driggers and former Vice-Chairman of the Board Matt Harper served as a panelist on the CISO panel discussion, while analysts Jacob Standley and Hassan Shazad spoke at Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence Programs session on November 10, 2021 at the 16th annual API – American Petroleum Institute Cybersecurity Conference for the Natural […]

ONG-ISAC Annual Meeting

ONG-ISAC Annual Meeting The ONG-ISAC annual meeting gives us the opportunity to highlight and celebrate. This year there was considerable growth in membership, active sharing, and a successful incentive challenge. During the November 8th Annual Meeting, Angela Haun discussed some of these highlights and announced the results of this year’s ONG-ISAC Board of Directors election. […]