Past Events

ONG-ISAC & Randori Webinar

Evan Anderson, Chief Offensive Strategist at Randori, delivered an exciting workshop that dove into the fast-paced world of offensive security.

ONG-ISAC & Cloud Range Webinar

Subject matter experts from Cloud Range shared how organizations are decreasing the likelihood of a cyber attack by using cyber range simulation training

ONG-ISAC and Silent Push

Silent Push shared critical points of reference used for tracking attackers as they set up new campaign infrastructure, and discussed how companies can use them to search for campaigns targeting their organization.

ONG-ISAC & SecurityScorecard Webinar

This presentation discussed the latest methodologies utilized by malicious actors in orchestrating supply chain cybersecurity attacks.

ONG-ISAC & Fortinet Webinar

This webinar addressed the pros and cons of deploying deception in OT and provide an approach that can yield low false positives.