Past Events

ONG-ISAC & Rangeforce Webinar

RangeForce discussed how to can implement an effective program of combination learning; incorporating self-paced individual training with team based threat exercises.

ONG-ISAC and Archer Webinar

Title: Building a Security Resilience Exercise Program Webinar CPE: 1 hour Abstract: Archer’s Nick Weber discussed how to build a security resilience exercise program. Many exercise programs start and end with paper drills but never truly get to tabletop or team training exercises. This presentation worked through common hurdles with tactics and tips to overcome […]

ONG-ISAC Dragos Year in Review

Cyber attacks targeting the operational technology and industrial control systems in the oil and gas industry continued to attract high-profile attention throughout 2022,

ONG-ISAC and SecurityScorecard webinar

SecurityScorecard’s VP of Threat Research, Alexander Heid discussed the KillNet group and the technical details of their ongoing DDoS attacks.

ONG-ISAC & Accenture Webinar

Building trust with stakeholders, testing automations in a near-production like lab environment, and building human in the loop automations are some of the first steps to take to automating security functions..