Past Events

ONG-ISAC & Randori Event | RDP: Red Flag or Red Herring?

ONG-ISAC & Randori Event CPE Credit: 1 hour Speaker: BJ Swope, Targeting Team Operator at Randori Abstract: Ransomware has become the #1 cyber risk for businesses, costing companies an estimated $20B in 2021. It’s estimated that a majority of those attacks share one thing in common – they all start with RDP. Join BJ Swope, […]

ONG-ISAC & Dragos Event

This member only event hosted by Dragos featured presentations on Social Engineering, Threat Hunting Design, Securing Historian Architecture, & Securing Historian Architecture

ONG-ISAC Biweekly Analyst Threat Call

Abstract: Cybersecurity architects are using D3FEND to describe specific technical functions within cyber technologies in a common language of countermeasure techniques. A research project funded by the National Security Agency, D3FEND provides a large collection of digital artifacts to model cyber systems and related countermeasures. This creates a foundation for automated reasoning about the complex […]

ONG-ISAC and Accenture Webinar: Threats to Energy

Title: Threats to Energy Speaker: Mei Danowski Bio: Mei Danowski is a Security Manager in Accenture Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACTI). She focuses on East Asia cyber threat analysis, including actors, behaviors, motivations and trends, to contextualizes threat activity’s impact on businesses so they can enable decision-making for effective defense and response. Mei is a board […]