RangeForce Webinar: Why You’ve Been Doing Cyber Training Wrong

Topic: It’s All About Readiness: Why You’ve Been Doing Cyber Training Wrong

Abstract: How do teams get—and stay—truly ready to defend against threats? When it comes to cyber readiness, traditional technical training and certs aren’t adequate solutions to ensure a strong defensive posture. So how do you keep your defenders prepared and your organization safe?

In this session, attendees learned:

  • How people learn new skills and why some methods are better than others
  • Why traditional tech training and certs aren’t adequate
  • The keys to building an effective cyber training program

Speaker: Tanner Howell: Director, Solutions Engineering

Bio: Tanner Howell leads the global solution engineering team at RangeForce, where he focuses on cybersecurity strategy and solutions for enterprise customers. Prior to RangeForce, he worked in cybersecurity, engineering, and IT roles at Dow. He graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University.