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ONG-ISAC SecurityScorecard: Log4jshell Observations

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February 15, 2022 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

SecurityScorecard: Log4jshell Observations

Title: Observations on log4shell awareness

 CPE Credit: 1 hour

Abstract: Log4shell detection and mitigation (and disruptions and breaches when not addressed) will continue for several years if Apache Struts vulnerabilities are any indicator of our collective ability to patch and remediate. What can we do now to detect and mitigate this risk using automation and event-based assessments of third party risk. SecurityScorecard will present an extended discussion that covers several aspects of its impact for the infosec community in general and the ONG-ISAC in particular.


Mike Wilkes, CISO

Ryan Sherstobitoff, SVP of Cyber Threat Research & Intelligence

Mike Woodward, Vice President of Data Analytics


Mike Wilkes is a Chief Information Security Officer that has built, transformed and protected companies such as ASCAP, Marvel, AQR Capital, CME Group, Sony, Macy's as well as European banks and airlines. A graduate of Stanford University and author of a book for Cisco Press in 2002, he is a featured speaker at technology conferences and is a professor at NYU teaching cybersecurity courses. An avid jazz fan and musician, he is also on the board of trustees for the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.