Who can join?

Public and private oil and natural gas companies, subject to membership requirements, including:

Integrated Oil

Natural Gas

Energy Services & Supply




Member Benefits

Technology Tools
+ Secure Intel Platform User IDs (number based on tier level) + Encrypted, Real-Time Communication App User IDs (number based on tier level) + Application Program Interface (API) Account + Automated Information Sharing (AIS) of Structured Threat Information eXchange (STIX) via the Trusted Automated eX change of Indicator Information (TAXII) License
+ Timely, Actionable Threat Feeds, including Indicators of Compromise + Anonymized Member Submissions & Requests for Information + Sensitive Intelligence Bulletins and Vulnerability Alerts from Government Agencies; Strategic Vendor Partners; Partner ISACs Trade Associations, Academic Institutions and Research Organizations; and Open Sources + Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports + Cybersecurity Best Practices, Mitigation Strategies and Awareness Materials + Industry Benchmark Studies
Support Services from ONG-ISAC Strategic Operations Center (SOC) Analysts
+ Anonymize and Enrich Member Submissions + Anonymize and Enrich Member Requests for Information and Responses + Regular Briefings of Emerging and Ongoing Threats to ONG + Coordinate Subject Matter Experts Knowledge Sharing + Research Commodity Malware + Augment Member Incident Response Efforts and Investigations + Facilitate Member, Partner and Government Communications + Collect and Filter Energy and Cross Sector Publications for Relevance and Priority + Compile Risk Mitigation and Actionable Response Recommendations
+ Biweekly and Ad Hoc Analyst Threat Calls + Subject Matter Expert Webinars, Technical Demos, Executive Briefings and Forums + Urgent and Emerging Threat Member Exchange Sessions + IT and OT Training Workshops and Exercises
Peer Engagement
+ Virtual and In-Person Networking Sessions, Roundtables, Secure Messaging Groups
Special Offers from Strategic Vendor Partners
+ Free and Discount Products, Services, Trials and Pilot Projects

Performance Advantage


Detect or respond to threats quickly before they impact your enterprise.


Learn from others to decrease your overall risk, increase safety, and avoid loss of revenue.


Protect your reputation and position your organization ahead of attackers.


Improve critical decision making and avoid data overload.

Interested in
becoming a member?

Contact us for more information regarding application and membership qualification.

Industry Membership Fees

There are five ONG-ISAC membership levels to choose from based on an organization’s annual revenue. Membership fees are a vital source of ONG-ISAC’s operating capital. We encourage you to consider “buying up” to receive added benefits and sustain this valuable industry resource.

Tier Annual Corporate Revenue Annual Fee
Platinum > $15 billion $50,000
Gold > $5 billion to $15 billion $25,000
Premium > $1 billion to $5 billion $10,000
Standard > $250 million to $1 billion $5,000
Basic < $250 million $2,000

Discounts Available

Tier 2 year member fee 3 year member fee 4 year member fee
Platinum $47,500 $45,000 $42,500
Gold $23,750 $22,500 $21,250
Premium $9,500 $9,000 $8,500