Who can join?

Trade and industry associations, ISACs and ISAOs, academic institutions, research organizations, and training providers, subject to membership requirements.

Trade or Industry Associations


Academic Institutions

Research Organizations

Training Providers

Benefits for Allied Partner Members

Threat bulletins and alerts from government, partners and other ISACs/ISAOs at the TLP: Clear, Green and Select Amber levels

In-depth vulnerability and threat analysis

Cyber Security tips and awareness materials at the Clear, Green and select Amber levels

Access to incident data and trend reports, vulnerability resources, information sharing and analysis operations at the TLP: Clear, Green and select Amber levels

Industry response and recovery communications via the ONG-ISAC Strategic Operations Center

Subject matter experts may participate in periodic analyst phone calls, topic-specific webinars, member surveys, and preparedness exercises

Performance Advantage


Increase cybersecurity awareness.


Impact the industry by sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices.


Develop trusted relationships with members.

Interested in
becoming a member?

Contact us for more information regarding application and membership qualification.

Allied Partners Membership Fees

The Strategic Partnership Program offers two ONG-ISAC membership levels for Allied Partners. The Allied Partner (AP) Nonprofit and Allied Partner Training categories are designed for Allied Partners. Contact us for more information regarding levels, qualifications and membership benefits.

Tier Corporate Structure Annual Fee
AP Non-Profit No Cost
AP Training For Profit Services In-Kind

Our Allied Partner Members