Past Events

Past ONG-ISAC Events

ONG-ISAC & Accenture Webinar
Building trust with stakeholders, testing automations in a near-production like lab environment, and building human in the loop automations are some of the first steps to take to automating security functions..
ONG-ISAC & Accenture: Fundamentals of Cloud Security
This discussion provided an overview of information security risks and challenges, and effective strategies for establishing cloud security
ONG-ISAC & CrowdStrike Event
In this session, CrowdStrike’s Strategic Threat Advisory Group walked ONG-ISAC members through how to think about Threat Intelligence within cybersecurity organizations, and how to holistically operationalize it.
ONG-ISAC & Accenture “Crisis Response” Virtual Event
Facilitated by Accenture’s Cyber Investigation and Response Leads, the simulations is guaranteed to shed new light and identify gaps to your current response processes.
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