Past ONG-ISAC Events

ONG-ISAC and Palo Alto Capture the Flag
This training session provided a fun and useful introduction to the capabilities and use cases for the newer class of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools.
ONG-ISAC 2020 Annual Meeting and Cyber Intelligence Incentive Challenge Award Ceremony
This year's virtual Annual Meeting was well received, with many positive remarks from attendees. From the excellent keynote speaker to the fun games and remote award ceremony, we thank everyone for their participation!
ONG-ISAC and CyberGRX webinar
Among enterprises, across multiple industries, 82% believe their organizations have experienced at least one data breach as a result of digital transformation. See how your organization stacks up.
ONG-ISAC and INKY Webinar
Account Takeover Attacks (ATO) and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are most definitely on the rise and the two biggest problems facing security teams in 2020.
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