Who can join?

Collaborators make the oil and natural gas industry stronger and safer by providing essential subject matter expertise and contributing to the ONG-ISAC’s ability to achieve its objectives. Subject to membership requirements, Collaborators include:

IT Service


Control Systems
Service Providers


Benefits for Collaborator Members

Participation in analyst phone calls, topic-specific webinars, member surveys, and preparedness exercises

Collaborator’s logo highlighted and linked to company website

Opportunities to co-sponsor in-person Collaborator/ONG-ISAC events, cybersecurity conferences, exercises and workshops

Collaborator practitioner or subject matter expert presentations during ONG-ISAC webinars

Co-branded cybersecurity awareness materials and/or infographics with Collaborator and ONG-ISAC logos disseminated to member organizations

Opportunities to support other joint efforts approved by the ONG-ISAC Leadership

Disseminate branded intelligence products, guides on industry standards, research reports, white papers, alerts, and/or security best practices to member companies

TLP Clear and Green Threat Reports

Performance Advantage


Incorporate a unique perspective of the industry.


Advance information sharing.


Improve the sophistication of the mechanisms to enhance security.

Interested in
becoming a member?

Contact us for more information regarding application and membership qualification.

Collaborators Membership Fees

Membership fees are paid annually to support the administration and advancement of the ONG-ISAC. Collaborators must apply yearly to renew membership.

Tier Annual Corporate Revenue Annual Fee
Collaborators N/A $10,000