ONG-ISAC and SilentPush Webinar

Title: Gamaredon – From Russia with a 71″


This webinar explored the escalating activity of the Gamaredon Group in recent months and discussed insights into their motives, targets, and modus operandi. The speaker delved into their strategic goals and understand their attack patterns including spear-phishing. By understanding Gamaredon’s operations, organizations can enhance their defensive strategies and fortify against potential breaches.


Ines Vestia


Ines Vestia is a senior threat analyst at Silent Push. Ines was fundamental in the early tracking of the Lapsus group as they emerged and her early work on their timeline and evolution was important reference work for all researchers trying to understand the group. Ines is a leading innovator in automating threat analysis and in the use of newly available data sets to track adversary infrastructure.