ONG-ISAC Dual Industry & USG Presentations

CPE Credit: 1.5 Hours

1st Presentation

Title: “Implausible Deniability – Finding NDAA and OFAC Listed Companies Through OSINT”

Abstract:  This presentation covered how to identify and protect your organization from sanctioned companies identified by the US government as national threats. Covered how a company becomes part of a US government published “blacklist,” the relationship between nation-states and sanctioned companies, examples and consequences, and how to search internally to secure your business.


ONG-ISAC Industry Member

2nd Presentation:

Title: “Foreign Bribery – U.S. Perspective”

Abstract:  On June 3, 2021, the White House issued a National Security Study Memorandum establishing the fight against corruption as a core United States national security interest. The presentation will offer an overview of the FBI’s International Corruption Unit, the laws it enforces, and the partnerships it has forged to address this interest.


Federal Bureau of Investigation